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Leslie Guditis, Ph.D., LMFT-S

Life Coaching

COACHING is concerned with the present and the future that a client envisions. The work is action-oriented so that one sees measurable results quickly. COACHING knows full well about the ‘mind chatter’ that holds us back from our personal best. For instance, if one is divorced, she/he might say things like: Where did I fail? What is wrong with me? Coaches recognize this mind chatter, and we address it in order to heal. BUT we do not seek to understand all the ‘stuff’ that went on in the past, like one might in therapy. Coaching takes you from where you are today to where you want to be.

COACHING asks questions of “how to.” Coaching examines lessons learned along the path to achievement. It is a forward-moving, action-based endeavor. Setting clear goals and coming up with a strategy for measurable results is the framework for the coaching partnership. In contrast, in psychotherapy, feelings, thoughts and self-exploration of internal conflicts assume most of the focus.

Life is short. Moving forward in our lives, getting unstuck, finding our passion and acting on it to make a better life is what COACHING is all about. COACHING seeks to learn from life's challenges, and then it concentrates on what we can do to make your new life as wonderful as possible.